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Some Simple CERN GEANT Simulation Exercises and Template

Version 2.0

By Ru Igarashi and Joss Ives

Note: this is a new version of both the exercises and associated template files. If you have been using a version from before 22 October, 2001, or tar archives up to simple3a.tgz, you should download the latest version of the files. The old exercises and tar archives are now accessible at if you wish to continue using them.

The following exercises are intended to introduce new users of GEANT to some of the basic methods of using this simulation package, and to introduce new students to some basic concepts in experimental subatomic physics. It will probably take about a week for beginners to do all but the advanced exercises.

In addition, most of the files used for these exercises are intended as a template for general use. The gzip'd tar archive of the template files can be downloaded from Consult the installation notes for more details.

Download and Installation notes for the Template files.

Files for this Exercise (and how they fit into the GEANT scheme)

The Exercises

Exercise 1: Manipulation of Basic Variables

Exercise 2: Energy Loss Measurement (Note: be aware of these considerations when using the files in this distribution as a template)

Exercise 3: Absorption Measurement

Exercise 4: Energy Deposition, etc.

Exercise 5: Change beam direction

Exercise 6: Reducing the acceptance

Exercise 7: Finite beam spot

Exercise 8: Finite beam divergence

Advanced exercises

Exercise 9: Beam monitor

Index of hints from all exercises


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Version 2.0 - Last updated: 21 December 2001