Monte Carlo Calculations of Nuclei

Joseph Carlson

T-16, LANL

In this talk I present recent progress in GFMC calculations of nuclear structure and scattering. Topics range from static (zero-q) properties of light nuclei including neutron rich systems, to low-energy reactions of particular interest, to exclusive and inclusive electron scattering from the lightest nuclei. Prospects for future studies in heavier systems up to and including the dense neutron-rich matter in neutron stars will be discussed.


`Realistic Models of Pion-Exchange Three-Nucleon Interactions', Steven C. Pieper, V. R. Pandharipande, R. B. Wiringa, and J. Carlson, Phys. Rev. C64, (2001) 014001.

`Longitudinal and Transverse Quasi-Elastic Response Functions of Light Nuclei', J. Carlson, J. Jourdan, R. Schiavilla, and I. Sick, nucl-th/0106047.