Summer Student Reports

Students hired for our Summer Student program are required to report their work in writing at the end of their term. In many cases, the student project is part of a larger project with others continuing the projects after the term or making use of the results of the projects. Thus these reports are a necessary part of documenting our ongoing research.

These reports can be a compilation of reports, particularly if a student worked on disparate projects. Other research activities not necessarily related to their projects are also reported, such as participation in actual experiments.


Robin Wilson - Design and Construction of a Photon Flux Monitor


Mike Barnett - Pion Production Near Threshold for Carbon and Helium: Angular Distributions
Chris Little - Cosmic Ray Detector


Michael Barnett - Final Report

- cosmic ray detector array

- High Voltage distribution box for cosmic ray detector array

- analysis of neutron pion production data

- hollow light pipe for scintillating target
Jennifer Robb - Final Report

- analysis of data from Nuclear Compton Scattering from Oxygen

- cosmic ray detector array

- hollow light pipe for scintillating target


Anthony Del Frari - LUCID data acquisition VME upgrade.

Jennifer Robb - Final Report

- Polarizabilities of nucleons from Compton scattering from oxygen.

- building splitters for high density cabling

- upgrading detectors in neutron detector array

- GEANT3 Monte Carlo particle simulation of neutron dosages at experimental facility
Ward Wurtz - Final Report

- building cable assemblies for high density data acquisition electronics

- testing GEANT4 Monte Carlo particle simulation software

- upgrading detectors in neutron detector array


Lauren Bains - Cross sections for nuclear Compton scattering from oxygen.
Anthony Del Frari - LUCID data acquistion system upgrade.


This year part of the students' time involved common projects. All students needed to use the CERN GEANT particle tracking simulation package for some of their projects, and so they used our new GEANT template and tutorial exercises to learn the basics. And then each did a different short study on possible configurations of sodium iodide detectors for flux monitoring and measurement. Also, all three students participated in the deuteron photodisintegration experiment at the Duke University HIGS facility in North Carolina.

Brian Bewer - GEANT studies of hardware for possible He-3 and and He-4 photodisintegration experiments.
Anthony Del Frari - GEANT studies of a neutron pion spectrometer composed of a mix of cesium iodide and lead glass detectors in different geometries; feasibility study of replacing Lucid's OpenView graphic user interface with a GTK based interface.
Tamara Stark - studies for a scanning plastic scintillator for gamma-ray beam profile monitoring.