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Technical Notes for Blowfish


Blowfish Module Database

Blowfish Electronics - as of September 2008

Ru Igarashi, February, 2003,"Design Considerations for Cable Adapters for CAEN V792AA QDC in the Blowfish Electronics", regarding the change in cabling that is needed to feed analog signals to the upgraded QDC electronics.

Ward Wurtz and Ru Igarashi, August, 2003, "U of S RG174 Cable Assembly for CAEN 792AA QDC", regarding the final design and construction of cabling to be used with the upgraded QDC electronics. (Draft version only)

Jennifer L. Robb and Ru Igarashi, August, 2003, "U of S Passive Analog Splitter for CAEN 792Aa QDC", regarding the final design and construction of passive splitters for pulse shape discrimination of analog signals to be used with the upgraded QDC electronics.

Michael Barnett, Brian Bewer, Jennifer Robb, Ward Wurtz, June, 2004, "Blowfish Detector Upgrade Manual", regarding the upgrade of detectors in Blowfish involving the replacement of PMTs and housings and the installation of fiber optics for gain tracking.

Ru Igarashi, April, 2004, "Silicone 'Cookies' for Blowfish Detectors (draft)", regarding the manufacture of silicone wafers or cookies that serve as the optical coupling between the PMTs and the cells.

Ward Wurtz, October, 2004, Cf-252 Source User's Manual, documents the usage of the TUNL californium-252 source ionization chamber. It emphasizes prior considerations and site specific details rather than the conceptual and scientific principles of operation.

Daron Chabot, November, 2004, "VME Equipment Behavior at the DFEL and Saskatoon Laboratories", regarding some non-fatal failures of specific features in VME components used in the Blowfish data acquisition system. Some of the failings were corrected, and the others could be worked around if some suggestions do not correct them.


LUCID is the data acquisition software originally written for use at the former Saskatchewan Accelerator Lab (SAL). It is ideal for simple to somewhat complicated subatomic physics instrumentation, using a simple high level language to describe acquisition electronics, triggers, data processing, and histograms. A graphic user interface provides easy operation and control of data acquisition. The old manual is available for reference. Lucid is currently undergoing an upgrade for compatibility with VME standard readout modules.

Anthony Del Frari, October, 2003, "Lucid and VME", regarding the addition of VME module capability in LUCID.