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Technical Notes for HIGS Activities

These notes, and some of the reports they refer to, are accessible from this web page in Postscript format as 'gzip' compressed files. Some of these notes are in still in development.


Eric Schrieber et al., March, 1997, "Radiation Safety Analysis for FELL Addition", regarding expected radiation levels and shielding requirements for the HIGS vault (henceforth referred to as the Gamma Vault).

Ru Igarashi, October, 2000, "Preliminary Design Notes for Shielding Collimators Outside of the HIGS Gamma Vault", regarding the feasibility of moving the primary collimator out of the Gamma Vault, placing it upstream of the Vault, and building a separate shielding hut for it. It suggested some possible layouts.

Ru Igarashi, November, 2000, "Recommendations for the Placement and Shielding of the HIGS Collimator", a memorandum outlining the rationale for moving the collimators out of the Gamma Vault.

Ru Igarashi, December, 2000, "Preliminary Design Notes for Collimator Shielding and Beam Profile Apparatus", regarding refinements in the collimator shielding hut layout coming from discussions subsequent to the October, 2000 notes, and began considering the instrumentation to be contained within it.


At least one nuclear Compton scattering (NCS) experiment requires a cryogenic target, particularly a liquid hydrogen (LH2) target. The refrigeration system is already on site, but a cell needs to be custom built for the experiment. The requisition has been submitted to the Duke Instrument Shop. The sketch given to the shop is available here.

There is a manual for operating the cryogenic refrigerator while it was at the Saskatchewan Accelerator Lab (SAL). There are some obsoleted references due to the move to HIGS, but the concepts should still be valid.


Bunch Trigger

There is an expected need for determining the timing of a given event against the electron bunch (as a substitute for the incident gamma ray). This is the draft of the preliminary notes .

Compton Scattering

There is a memo and figure of a simple electronics setup for a Compton scattering measurement with the 4 NaIs.


Cf-252 Source Chamber

Ward Wurtz, October, 2004, Cf-252 Source User's Manual , documents the usage of the TUNL californium-252 source ionization chamber. It emphasizes prior considerations and site specific details rather than the conceptual and scientific principles of operation.

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