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Graduate Student Theses


Glen Pridham (MSc Thesis)
Photodisintegration of the Deuteron at 18 MeV using Linearly Polarized Photons


Ward Wurtz (PhD Thesis, U of S)
Photodisintegration of Lithium Isotopes

Serpil Kucuker (PhD Dissertation, U of Virginia)
Photodisintegration of Deuteron at 20 MeV

Octavian Mavrichi (MSc Thesis, U of S)
Photon Flux Monitor for a Mono-energetic Gamma Source


Daron Chabot (MSc Thesis, U of S)
A PC-Based Data Acquisition System for Subatomic Physics Measurements


Brian Bewer (MSc Thesis, U of S)
Development of a Gain Monitoring System for a Neutron Detector Array


Joss Ives (MSc Thesis)
Simulation and Measurement of the Response of the Blowfish Detector to Low-Energy Neutrons
Thomas Regier (MSc Thesis)
Development of a Gamma-Ray Beam Profile Monitor for the High-Intensity Gamma-Ray Source

Earlier Theses

Bradley Sawatzky (PhD Dissertation, U of Virginia, 1999)
A Measurement of the Neutron Asymmetry in d(gamma,n)p Near Threshold

Bradley Warkentin (MSc Thesis 1999)
Nuclear Compton Scattering from 12C
David Hornidge (PhD Thesis 1999)
Elastic Photon Scattering from Deuterium
Ken Garrow (PhD Thesis 1998)
Photonuclear Reaction Mechanisms at Intermediate Energies
Jiansen Lu (MSc Thesis 1997)
A Study of the SAL Neutron Detector Efficiency using Photodisintegration of the Deuteron

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